My name is Mick Carazo and I’m a professional drummer based in the beautiful Caribbean Coast of Colombia. I am currently available for collaborations and private classes.

I come from a family of artists; painters, photographers, designers, singers, and writers. I have fed all my life from all artforms, ultimately channeling them into my music.

I appreciate the lyricism of classical literature and poetry, the vibrance of psychedelia, the otherworldliness of the surrealists.
Progressive classic rock is my musical language and biggest influence!



I have worked as a professional musician for over 10 years. I have experience performing, composing, and writing Colombian folk music, rock, jazz, and others.

I am proficient in piano and guitar, and have provided background and front vocals in many bands I have been a part of. I have enjoyed working with large folkloric ensembles, progressive rock bands, and solo projects. I respect tradition and folklore, and at the same time feel intrigued by projects enriched with an alchemy of experimentation and fusion.

I have studied music theory and the fundamentals of music since my teenage years in conservatories, and later during college. I can write, read and compose music for various instruments and genres. I have also written lyrics in English and Spanish in collaboration with my bandmates.

Music is my full-time job and passion. It is my priority to be the best drummer I can be, but also a reliable professional, always on-time and ready to work with bandmates or music producers, being it at rehearsals, live gigs, or recordings.


Improv & Triplets

Some triplets, crossed arm John Bonham style, with some jazz experimentation...

Neil Peart Tribute

A brief solo inspired by Neil Peart, one of my influences!

Bruford & Van der Linden Tribute

A little tribute to William Scott Bruford and Pierre van der Linden.

Solo Improv II

A solo routine with improvisation and quintuplets.


I am available for one-to-one lessons on: drumming and/or music theory.

Please contact me via form to inquire about hours and rates. My rates vary depending on distance and availability of instruments.